The certified project manager speaks to the team

The certified project manager has a leading role in every single project. There is no product management without PM.

This superhero has to do many things. The certified project manager must be able to plan and know all practices and processes. But the Certified Project Manager must also be able to motivate colleagues. Reference: “A certified project manager talks about his ambition“,

The Certified Project Manager’s speech to the team

I initiated this meeting to discuss the future successful development of our project.

I hope that each of you is fully determined and motivated in this endeavor. All of us can restore the trust and professionalism of the company.
Each of us is a professional in our field and therefore worthy of the position and position we hold.

Our vision is to provide high-quality services and to build respect and trust in our partners and clients.

My vision for us to succeed is as follows:

To create a favorable working atmosphere in which we work and develop

To present products and services that are innovative, productive, and satisfy the client’s requirements.

Both we and our partners win – to create added value together with the client.

To be constructive and efficient, to meet deadlines, and perfectly complete the project.
From my side, you have full support and understanding for problems that arise.
I am aware of the previous wrong practice for communication between the different departments and units, as well as a fundamental lack of a strategy to improve internal communication.

I suggest we start a new desktop model:

New communication channel – WhatsApp group – all project participants
Regular weekly meetings with senior management and all units separately.
Weekly report on the project activity – sent to the competent participants via email.

I sincerely believe in your professionalism and understanding, together we will deal with the upcoming challenges.

Be sure that anyone who wants to share, express or suggest something constructive will be heard.

Any suggestion from your side will be taken as enterprising, leading to additional motivation in teamwork.

I will hope for reciprocal behavior from your side as well.

Getting the job done is important to the Certified Project Manager

“Job to be Done” is important to me.
I remain available for further questions.

Let’s clarify a few things before we get started. I will be as brief as possible because I know that we are all still chasing deadlines and time is money.

As a certified project manager, I will tell you that for a project to work properly, there must be understanding not only between the teams but also to be able to understand the idea of ​​the project correctly, right?
Well, let’s do the following. Tell me what confuses you the most and how it will be convenient to provide information to the project. Detailed or short, with diagrams a lot of text or little text, and two 3d pictures. I want to hear your opinion, we are a team, and the team must speak the same language.

Of course, I open a bracket, a lot depends on the answers and I will be able to insert that they address me by name, of course before that I will have checked the company “code” for respectful form.

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Okay. I like great ideas. Let’s take a look at this project and apply your ideas to see together if I got it right…

Here we apply their points to the project we looked at with the client the day before. And we specify the problems that occurred in this project.

So we specified everything, and we even applied it to a real project, I think that was quite useful for us. And finally, let’s set a day a week for a short meeting to discuss current projects and problems, I suggest it be on Wednesday at 8 so we can drink coffee if the weather allows it can be outside to smoke a cigarette too!

However, work should not interfere with pleasure. Knowing so early operative is not nice, but believe me, I prefer it to be so early so that we can also talk about something on the side to get to know each other better and laugh.

Now I know what you’re thinking, wow, the operatives will be very long and painful. My idea is not like that for 0.30 min we clarify the problems and the solutions to them of the projects and then we smoke a cigarette and whoever wants asks me what he is interested in and I also ask him and this happens no more than 20 min and we go to we work. However, as I said in the beginning, time is money and I know how much is wasted when something is not clear or empty talk.

Now I wish you a nice and successful day and I’ll see you on Wednesday. If you have any questions before that, stay and we will discuss them or write to me by email.

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